Marbelle - 750mL

Marbelle - 750mL

Marbelle - 750mL

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  • Made in the Midwest

Marbelle is a special beer. It's the culmination of several years of constantly honing our blending technique, as well as our fruiting and cellaring and packaging processes. We can't say it enough– but we're incredibly lucky to have access to such incredible Wisconsin grown fruit to make our beer with. We don't use puree, concentrates, or any pre-processed fruit in our beer– and our production schedules, (and the final products) reflect the respective growing and harvest seasons of the fruits grown here.

This beer begins with two separate mixed culture saisons fermented in French Oak, each aged 12 months. They are blended and split into two French Oak fruiting tanks: one containing '22 Harvest Door County Tart Montmorency Cherries, and one containing Wisconsin Grown Petite Pearl Red Wine Grapes. We picked up this fruit the day it was harvested to be manually processed at Supermoon before racking mature beer onto it to referment and age.

The final beer is a blend of both the cherry tank and the red wine grape tank that not only showcases each fruit and the French Oak, but is remarkably wine-like for a beer. It shares a similar funky and lively presentation to some natural red wines we've tasted.

In fact, tasting it along the way during its bottle refermentation, we've developed a sort of preference for drinking this at room temperature, similar to red wine. It would make for a phenomenal gift for wine and beer lovers alike, or simply to be opened on the table during the holidays. Or over Netflix and cheese in January, whichever suits you.


raspberry jam, Twizzlers, leather, vanilla


Red Jolly Rancher, cherry cobbler, bitey grape skins, house red

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