PREORDER - 2oz Piece - Hook's 20 Year White Cheddar

PREORDER -  2oz Piece - Hook&

PREORDER - 2oz Piece - Hook's 20 Year White Cheddar

Regular price $26.25
  • Made in the Midwest

Do you remember what you were doing in May 2003? Well, if you were Tony Hook, you’d be creating a white cheddar that will be age for two decades!

Hooks Cheese is about to release their famed 20 year aged cheddar in just a few short months! This beauty has been patiently waiting, but that comes at a price.  This cheese is $209/lb and available in extremely limited quantities here at Frannie's Market.  Once it’s gone, it’s GONE!

This cheese will be cut into 2oz pieces, if you'd like more than that please add multiple pieces to your cart. 

Savor with a delicious beverage and unique pairings. What we’re trying to say is, please don’t use this on your pizza or Mac & cheese, experience the flavors. There’s no one else out there making a 20 year aged cheddar! 

So, cheese lovers, are you ready for the experience of a lifetime?

Hook's 20 Year White Cheddar arrives mid May, we will contact you once it's ready for pick up - NO SHIPPING


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